The Bible answer to world troubles

We held a public Bible talk recently on the subject "The Bible answer to world troubles" and was given by Eric Marshall. Click through the presentation slides as you listen.

After death - what then?

07/07/2019 - Neville Moss from Ipswich speaks on the subject "After death, what then?"

An introduction to Bible prophecy

21/04/2019 - John Benson from Stevenage gives us an introduction to Bible prophecy

What does the future hold for you?

27/10/2019 We were pleased to welcome Tec Morgan from Castle Bromwich for the weekend in October, and on the Sunday at 2pm he gave a public talk entitled "What does the future hold for you" 

The commandments of Christ

02/08/2020 - Les Shears speaks to us on "The commandments of Christ"

What is resurrection?

26/07/202 - Stephen Mills speaks to us on the subject "What is resurrection?"

God's promises to us

23/08/2020 - Robin Windsor of Colchester spoke to us on the subject "Gods promises to us"

The Dead Sea Scrolls - Evidence of Bible authenticity

30/08/2020 - Ben Collard of Longbridge speaks to us remotely on the subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls - Evidence of Bible authenticity with some elements of audience participation. 

Evolution - Theory or Fact?

06/09/2020 - Nathan Walker spoke to us remotely on the subject "Evolution, Theory or Fact?"

Is our English Bible accurate?

20/09/2020 - Mark Basten discusses whether our English Bible is accurate