Bible Talks

Join us on Sunday afternoons 2:00pm

Subjects coming up:

19 May Jesus Christ will rule the world - from Jerusalem
26 May Has the Lords prayer a meaning for today?
02 June Who are the Christadelphians?
09 June Without faith it is impossible to please God
16 June God's promises about the environment
23 June Who are the Saints?
30 June Why did Jesus do miracles?

We promise you a warm and friendly welcome to any of our public meetings. We make no charge and don't take up any collection. We will not pressurise you in any way.

The purpose of this meeting is to present some aspect of the gospel message from the Bible. The format varies from time to time but, generally, is as follows:

Bible Talk Format

  • Hymn
  • Bible reading
  • Prayer
  • Bible address by one speaker possibly with powerpoint presentation or other visual aids
  • Hymn
  • Prayer

The whole service lasts about an hour. The service is led by a president who also does the Bible reading and speaks the prayers on behalf of everyone present. Hymns are sung by the whole congregation at the beginning and end of the meeting. The congregation stands for hymns and prayers. We have hymn books and Bibles available for loan to visitors who need them. The theme of the address varies widely from week to week but it is always firmly based on the Bible.  See the 'subjects coming up' section for more details of upcoming talks.

We look forward to welcoming you.